The Waif

He was lost. He found himself getting deeper into the woods. It was raining heavily, cold and dark. The only thing he caught sight of was a shimmering light ahead.
He knocked the door. There was a cute little girl living alone in the cabin. She had cold innocent eyes and a tattoo on her right shoulder. She seemed very excited to see him as if it was within her anticipation.
They had night tea together, watching rain drops crawling down the window glass.
She didn't remember why she had been isolated for so long, she said the cabin located right at the heart of the woods.
"You know what, I've tried several times to pass the borderline but there was a magical force which kept pulling me back. This place is perfect in a weird way, a perfect prison. The woods itself is a living creature, it nurtures me and at the same time, needs me to feel alive, but I've decided to explore what's beyond this place to feel more alive myself. I will change simply because I need some changes.
I found a map in an old box here pointing to a place called the Neverland upon the mountain. Would you like to go there with me? I need your help to overcome the force.
This is strange, I know, but I feel I can see a piece of myself in your eyes. We share something identical." - She concluded
He felt an urge to do something. He kinda liked her eyes anyway.
Next morning, they prepared to cross the woods, he held her hand tightly and they kept running fast, across the borderline. Strangely, nothing happened, no force at all. The sky suddenly became perfectly clear. He noticed a woods' figure in the centre of her shadow.
A few months had passed, the woods' figure was becoming uncontrollably bigger despite his effort to try and mend it. She deeply knew that her desired identity still belonged to the woods. The more she denied it, the bigger the woods' figure became. She dreamed of the woods and realised the magical force was partly hers.
It was raining heavily again, cold and dark.
Her shadow faded out with the sun, right at her heart there was a real vivid and lively woods' figure. He tried to keep holding her hands but was left with a feeling of indifference. She told him to never let her go but at the same time, there were also voices from the woods' figure moaning to leave her alone. Those murmurs were getting louder and angrier, sometimes the tone was as low as if it was a man's. The magical force raised again, strong and unstoppable, she got pulled straight back to the woods without a trace.
Somewhere the birds were singing:
"She's got an X
He's got a Y
They've never come to a Z"